Double Blind Reviewing

I'm generally in favor of double blind reviewing (DBR) since, in my experience, it can at least help avoid some bias in the review process and "level the field" between well known and less well known researchers and groups. The use of DBR is often quite controversial though. Below I try to collect empirically based research on DBR. If you know of any results/papers that should be listed here please contact me.

Not much of the literature on DBR is from the software engineering (SE) or computer science fields. The ACM Transaction on Database Systems (TODS) is an exception though and both did an extensive review of the research on DBR and installed a DBR policy in 2006. However there seems to be a current trend that SE conferences are trying out or transitioning to DBR so below I also added the conferences and journals I know of.

To be clear, let's first define DBR and SBR (from H. Wallach):

Empirical evidence in relation to Double Blind Reviews

Double-blind review in Software Engineering (SE)

Summaries of results on Double-blind review

Empirical evidence on arbitrariness of peer review

Computer Science Journals that have DBR

If you know of more CS/SE journals that use DBR please contact me and I'll add them here.

Software Engineering Conferences that have DBR

If you know of more SE conferences that have or are planning to use DBR please contact me and I'll add them here.