Challenges in Aligning Requirements Engineering and Verification in a Large-Scale Industrial Context
by G. Sabaliauskaite, A. Loconsole, E. Engström, M. Unterkalmsteiner, B. Regnell, P. Runeson, T. Gorschek and R. Feldt
[Context and motivation] When developing software, coordination between different organizational units is essential in order to develop a good quality product, on time and within budget. Particularly, the synchronization between requirements and verification processes is crucial in order to assure that the developed software product satisfies customer requirements. [Question/problem] Our research question is: what are the current challenges in aligning the requirements and verification processes? [Principal ideas/results] We conducted an interview study at a large software development company. This paper presents preliminary findings of these interviews that identify key challenges in aligning requirements and verification processes. [Contribution] The result of this study includes a range of challenges faced by the studied organization grouped into the categories: organization and processes, people, tools, requirements process, testing process, change management, traceability, and measurement. The findings of this study can be used by practitioners as a basis for investigating alignment in their organizations, and by scientists in developing approaches for more efficient and effective management of the alignment between requirements and verification.


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