Master Thesis Topic

A Systematic Review of Automated Software Engineering

More and better automation is needed in Software Engineering to increase productivity and quality. Much research is currently underway within the area and the number of publications has risen steadily the last ten years. Now is a good time to summarize what has been learnt and evaluate which areas need more attention.

This thesis aims to create a taxonomy of the whole field of Automated Software Engineering and then, through a systematic review, map the existing literature into this taxonomy. An important goal is also to summarize the current state of the art to enable industry practitioners to better assess which tools, techniques and methods are worth implementing in their organizations.


The thesis project will involve

  1. study existing systematic reviews and taxonomies in related fields
  2. design of the systematic review,
  3. conducting the systematic review


Students interested in this topic should preferably have knowledge/experience/interest in:

  1. software engineering (some),

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